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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Governor Ajimobi Shuts Down Obasanjo Farms, Banks

Oyo State Government is not leaving any stone unturned in its aggressive tax drive as it has continued to shut down major business outfits that are defaulting in the payment of taxes.

Among companies shut down on Tuesday is Obasanjo Farms.
It is located at Oluyole Industrial Estate, Ibadan, which is owned by former Nigerian President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, PhD.

Also affected are banks, MRS oil, Black Horse, Heinemann Educational Books, Lister Flour Mills, University Press Limited, Evans Brother, Brooking House, Group Medical hospital, Butterfield bakery, Chicken Republic and Rasmed publicity.

Some of the affected companies are located at Dugbe, Eleyele, Podo, Challenge, Onireke areas of Ibadan.

The exercise coordinated by the Oyo State Board of Internal Revenue, OYBIR, is being carried out by the combined task force team of the Oyo State Inter-ministerial Enforcement Unit.

Speaking on the exercise, OYBIR Chairman, Mr. Bicci Alli pointed out that the exercise became inevitable because of the failure of the affected companies to comply with the state tax laws after given the opportunities to do so. He appealed to the affected companies to do the needful so as to have their businesses back on track

Bible Saves Woman From Bullet Fired By Assassins (Photos)

Miracles still happen. An elderly woman escaped death during a farm attack after a bullet missed her and became lodged in her Bible.

The attack reportedly took place on Saturday night outside Mahikeng in the North West.

Netwerk24 reported that Bettie Nel, 82, was woken by noises and encountered two attackers in the passage of the house.

After throwing a doorstop at them, a shot was fired and the suspects fled.

The bullet missed Nel and hit the Bible on the side table next to her bed.

Nel's daughter, Noeline Ferreira, 61, and he friend, Thys Pienaar, 63, sustained head injuries after reportedly being attacked in bed with the handle of a pickaxe and a flashlight.


Monday, 17 September 2018

Pastor Adeboye: I Didn't Call Tinubu Over Issue With Ambode

Here's a statement shared via Pastor E.A. Adeboye's page;
Our attention has been drawn to news making the rounds from dailies especially the New Telegraph [that] Pastor E.A Adeboye, the General Overseer of the RCCG had a recent phone conversation with the Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC). 
We would like to inform the general public that this is false and Pastor E.A Adeboye has not and would not be involved in inter/intra party politics in Nigeria and anywhere RCCG is present across the world.
Pastor E.A Adeboye advices all well meaning Nigerians just like him to get their PVC’s and exercise their civic duty.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Kirk Franklin Reconciles With His Dad Who Gave Him Up For Adoption

The singer shared this photo with his father and wrote;
"So.....Two days ago, I received an anonymous call that my biological father, who I never knew, has 3-6 months to live.

I’ve lived my entire life hating this man. He and my biological mother gave me up for adoption, and it left me never feeling good this very day.

I took my hate for him and used it as fuel to be the best father I could be for my own. But what I did wrong, is I never took that fuel, and turn it into forgiveness....and that is wrong. Wrong for him, me, and the God I proclaim to represent.

How can I preach what I don’t practice. So I flew to Houston yesterday to do that. It’s painful, it’s a process, but how disappointed I would be in myself for this man to leave this earth without being forgiven.

He deserves to receive what God gives me everyday. Pray for him, and for me. God this is hard...I weep as I write."

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Eco. 0511 Assignment-14th September, 2018

Discuss some of the vital questions raised under the Problems and Policies of Development and provide your own and answers and clear perspectives on them.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

"Buhari Brought Ungodly Poverty On Nigerians" - Man Climbs Mast To Protest In Abuja

A young man has embarked on a seven-day hunger-protest against the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government as he climbed a mast near Aso Rock villa, Abuja

The 26-year-old undergraduate, identified as Nura Iliyasu, mounted a 50-metre mast overlooking the Presidential Vila, Abuja, on a 7-day hunger-protest against what he called bad leadership by the Buhari-led administration.

According to Daily Sun, while calling on the ‎opposition political parties to unite and produce a formidable candidate that will take over the leadership of the country and salvage the her, Iliyasu said his one-man protest was against “national indirection, pervasive hunger and starvation, un-godly generic poverty, youth redundancy and hopelessness.”

In addition, he is protesting against ‎what he termed “schizophrenic governance, souring foreign-exchange, high commodity prices; dysfunctional refineries and textile industries, elites medical tourism abroad; continued kidnappings and other negativities too numerous to mention.”

Twin Sisters With Same Name To Wed Guys With Same Name On Same Day (Photos)

The beautiful pre-wedding photos of Ghanaian identical twin sisters who are getting married on the same day is catching a lot of attention on social media.

The twin sisters who are both called Josephine, are getting married to two different guys who surprisingly also bear the same first names, Emmanuel. More photos...


Jobless Female Graduate Begs For Job By The Roadside

A female graduate who is frustrated about her inability to get a job, has taken the bull by the horn as she stands on the roadside to plead to people for a job.

The photo which was attached in a tweet making the rounds online, shows the a holding a placard that displayed her qualifications.

Her pic has been retweeted over 2,000 times in a bid to publicise her pligh

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Sweet Testimony Of Nigerian Couple Who Have Been Married For 55 Years (Photo)

Otunba Tunde Odetayo and wife, Mrs. Olufunke Aduke Odetayo, met and married at a very young age. Today, after 55 years of marriage their love is still sizzling as if they just got newly married. 
In this interview, they told Daily Sun Vivian Onyebukwa what makes their marriage tick. They also advised other couples on what it takes to achieve a long lasting marriage.

Can you recall the first day you met your wife?
Husband: We first met each other in 1958 when I was in secondary school. She came to Egbe where I was attending Titcombe College, now in Kogi State, when there was an advertisement for a nursing programme.
Wife (concurs): That was where I saw the charming man.
What was the attraction?
Wife: A lot of good qualities. He was very charming and also a complete gentleman. I saw a bright future in him. He was a sympathetic person.
How did you eventually get married?
Husband: We just got to know each other and be- came friends at that time.
Wife: We didn’t know that we were coming together as husband and wife.
Husband: It was God that did it. We didn’t even date. We eventually got married on the 5th of September, 1963.
How did he propose to you?
Wife: Having met at Titcombe College at that time, I cherished him. However maybe he was thinking along the same line in his mind. I wouldn’t know. So during the holidays, he came to Ilaorangun in Osun State where both of us come from, for a holiday. In those days, during holidays, boys used to move around looking for girlfriends. One day he came to my house with a group of friends. They were four in number. And I liked the way they dressed. They were all dressed in white. They came to my house and we were two then – my late sister and myself, so one wouldn’t know whom they really wanted. When I saw him, I remembered the first time I saw him at Egbe. To God be the glory, that we were able to get married. He didn’t propose formally by telling me he wanted to marry me. But he just kept coming and as he was coming, other suitors were running away and we were able to form a bond by the grace of God.
Did anyone oppose the marriage?
Husband: No, no one opposed the marriage.
Wife: My daddy was very happy. He loved him that time, but there was just a little religious problem. He was a Muslim and I was a Christian, but it was resolved amicably.
Husband: I came from a Muslim background but right from the beginning I wasn’t interested in Mus- lim religion then. There was a church near my house, which I used to attend, and later I became a Baptist.
Why didn’t you like Islamic religion?
Husband: Though born a Muslim, I was attending a Christian school, so that made me have a Christian mind right from the beginning.
What are some of the early marriage challenges you faced?
Husband: I did not face any early marriage challenges
What were your early days in marriage like?
Wife: He started teaching when he left the secondary school. After that, he went to work with Electrical Corporation of Nigeria (ECN) who sent him to the United States of America (USA) for training. I really cherished our early days in marriage, we were young then. He bought a bicycle and with this bicycle, he would take me to school first even with my pregnancy because I was a teacher then too, before going to his own school. We continued like that until God continued to elevate us. We are not too comfortable now, but we are not lacking. I am giving glory to God for that.
How did you cope when he was away to America for his training?
Wife: Then I was in their house with his parents. My mother-in-law was a very nice woman. She cared for me and my child. I loved and cherished her till her last day on earth. When my husband came back from America after his training, he was transferred to Akure and after some time, I was taken back to Lagos. Then I already had two children and they were left with my parents-in-law, while I was alone in Lagos, and because I was alone in Lagos, men were approaching me for marriage, not knowing that I was already married. So I told my husband to come and take me back. When we first came to Lagos, for almost three months, I was with my sister, late Mrs. Dupe Ojo, in her house and my husband was living with his friend, Chief Bisi Akande, because of accommodation problem.
How did you eventually settle down in Lagos?
Wife: One would be grateful to those who helped us. I was helped in the school by the late Mr. and Mrs. Tunji Fajeyi. Also, it was through the help of Chief Bisi Akande, late Pa Oyebanji, and Pa Braimoh, that we were able to secure a mini flat where we lived for 22 years. We raised all our children there. It was Pa Braimoh that was living in the house and three of them were friends. So I will continue to appreciate what God has done for me through them. The couples of nowadays would not want to endure to make a success.
Does he still have those qualities you saw in him before you got married?
Wife: Yes, he has all those qualities till date, else one would have called it quits, but by the grace of God we are keeping up fine.
Describe your wife
Husband: I like everything about her. I can’t say particularly one reason I like her. She is loving and has been so since I first met her.
Does your husband get angry?
Wife: Yes, occasionally, but when he gets angry, we discuss and find a solution to the problem. The person that offends the other apologises. It is I who use to flare up but after some time, I would calm down and he would apologise and it ends there.
How do you know when your spouse is angry?
Wife: He would be too quiet and I would want to find out why, and we would eventually resolve it.
Husband: She does not keep quiet whenever she is angry. So what I do is that I would start keeping quiet when I discover that she is angry, and after some time I would talk to her.
Wife: At times he would stroll out and by the time he comes back, the whole thing is forgotten.
Is there anything she does that you don’t feel comfortable with?
Husband: Nothing I can remember that she does that I don’t like. When she gets angry I just cool her down.
Did you start having children immediately you got married?
Husband: Yes, immediately.
Tell us about your children
Wife: They are all graduates by the grace of God. Our first born, Yemi Odetayo, studied Fine and Applied Arts at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos (YABATECH), and he came out with upper grade and collected so many awards on his graduation day. That made me to sit in the congregation of President Muhammad Buhari and Former President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida then. I was happy to be seated among Presidents because of my son’s achievement. Our children are brilliant and they all came out with first grades. By the grace of God,
they did not give us any problem when they were growing.
Having been in this marriage for 55 years, do you still sleep together?
Wife: We have been sleeping together but circumstances at times make us sleep separately. Like one time when he was sick, I moved into another room.
Husband: We don’t sleep together regularly but at times when circumstances demand it, we do.
What’s your husband’s best food?
Wife: He loves pounded yam and vegetable soup.
Why do you think marriages crash these days?
Husband: Impatience
Wife: Couples should put God first in whatever they are doing. Also, they should endure and consider each other’s shortcomings. More so, they should be able to identify what makes each other unhappy and avoid it.
What’s your advice to men who wants to go into marriage?
Husband: They should love God and have patience.
What do you have to tell women about marriage?

Wife: They should love their husbands genuinely, respect them and take care of their homes. They should also give their husbands good food and as at when due.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Game Console

It can be difficult to decide which console is best for you. To make things somewhat easier, Jumia shares a list of things you have to think about before you make your purchase.

Game Type
It is very likely that you have a preference for certain types of games. Some people prefer sports games while others prefer shooters. Chances are that there is even a series that you just can't do without. It is important that you do not end up with a nice new shiny console but the games you like to play are not available for your console.
It is important that you research what the consoles can deliver in terms of performance so that you are not disappointed afterwards. If you are a power user you don't want to end up with a console that does not live up to your expectations. 
Think about how much money you are willing to spend to buy a game console. Gaming costs money, not only the initial costs for the console but also the games and peripherals.
You will want to avoid spending more than your budget permits. You do not want to be in a position that you can't afford to buy the game you were waiting for a long time for when it is finally released.
Online service
Most consoles offer an online service. Both the cost and what is included in these servers vary. If you are going to play online a lot, you will want the best service available. Stable servers, no downtime and cloud storage.
The way your data is stored and the maximum disk capacity are very important.
If you plan on buying digital versions of games, you might run out of disk space very quickly. With the PlayStation, it is very easy to add some extra storage with an SSD (solid state drive).
Ask friends
What console are your friends playing on? Chances are you want to play online with them. Having the same console as your friends have a lot of advantages. One of which is that you can borrow that game that they already finished for example.

Redeemer's University Produces 27 First Class Graduates

Prof. Debo Adeyewa, the Vice-Chancellor of Redeemer’s University, Ede, Osun, says the institution has produced 27 first class graduates in the 2017/2018 academic session.

He further said 160 graduands had second-class honours while the remaining 178 bagged third class and pass degrees.

He said the university would also confer the D. Mgt. honoris causa on the Timi of Edeland, Oba Munirudeen Lawal, for demonstrating exemplary leadership.
Adeyewa, who spoke at a pre-convocation press conference in Ede, also said the university was set to inaugurate its radio station.

He said the convocation, which would take place on Sept. 20, would also feature the inauguration of the university’s radio station.

The vice-chancellor said the radio station would be managed by the university’s mass communication students and would also serve the immediate community of Ede.

Adeyewa, who is stepping down as vice chancellor at the end of September after seven years, cited the university’s breakthroughs in research, especially in the area of infectious disease diagnosis, as his achievement.

He said the Africa Centre of Excellence for Genomics of Infectious Diseases, a project funded by the World Bank, was established in the university.

The vice-chancellor said the centre had carried out various activities bordering on diagnosis, prevention and control of Infectious diseases such as Ebola virus, Monkey Pox and Lassa fever.

He also said more than 600 students and other experts from across the world had been trained by the centre on diagnosis and containment of Monkey Pox.

Nigeria loses N1.3trn as food preservation facility wastes away

Nigeria has been losing about N1.3 trillion annually due to the inability to exploit the Gamma Irradiation Facility (GIF) at the Nuclear Technology Centre (NTC), Sheda Science and Technology Complex (SHESTCO) in Abuja, Dr. Abduljhalil Tafawa-Balewa, said yesterday.

Tafawa-Balewa, a nuclear chemist, said that the facility which had been wasting could make over 15 percent of the country’s annual budget.

Speaking with NAN in Lagos, he described as regrettable that the facility, one of the most modern commercial irradiation facilities in the world and the only one in Africa was not being exploited.

Gamma irradiation is a technology meant for the preservation of food crops and other agricultural products; it is a process by which products like yams, tomatoes, mangoes, oranges and other food products are passed through a ray called the Gamma Ray.

When food crops are passed through the ray, it sterilises the foods crops against microbial infection. The ray also maintains the quality of the food product against spoilage, thereby curbing post-harvest losses.

The nuclear chemist said: “That facility was established strictly for food preservation, reduction of senescence, that is, reduction of ripening in fruits and vegetables which will give you an opportunity to add value to these agricultural products.

“If a crop is passed through this ray, it will make the crop to last for more than six months or one year without microbial infection or reduction in the quality of the product. This will also help to export some agricultural products outside this country without using chemicals.

“In yam, the technology inhibits sprouting and maintains the quality of the yam for the period of storage. Gamma irradiation is where the rest of the world is going. Ghana has a gamma irradiation facility that is under as ace as the one we have in Nigeria and this helps them.

“If you go outside this country and you want an African yam, you will only get a Ghanaian yam. Some people have been smart to take Nigerian yam to Ghana, have it irradiated for reduction of microbial growth or senescence.

“When they get to other countries, it is named Ghanaian yam, while it could be named Nigerian yam where it actually comes from. Ghana has about six or seven species of yam, while Nigeria has 44 species of yam but you can never get Nigerian yam out there.

“A lot of them are being returned to us for simple reason. Europe does not like and want the type of pesticides or chemicals we use on our food for preservation before we ship to them.

“They think if we want to poison our people,we should not poison them as well. So they placed an embargo on foods coming from Nigeria when we have this massive irradiation facility that can take care of all of this.”

Tafawa-Balewa said the facility, if filled with cobalt-60 could do cross-linking polymerization of acrylamide built with Potassium Caprylate which would help to have several seasons of growth for plants and other products that did not take more than 90 days to harvest

According to him, Nigeria is losing out on that even though it has both subsistence and commercial farmers.

Tafawa-Balewa said that the technology could also be beneficial to medical practitioners as it could be used for sterilisation of medical, clinical and pharmaceutical products and equipment.

He said: “Gamma irradiation can be used to sterilise medical equipment because you can go into a hospital and go home with a different disease from what you went with because of poor sterilisation. It can also be used for cross-linking of rubber and other organic materials to engage in the polymerisation of these rubber products.

“About N1.3 trillion is being lost annually because we have not been able to exploit this. We have been placing square pegs in round holes. The managers do not know how to run the facility.”

He added that the facility could employ about 220,000 people when it is optimally operational.

Gbajabiamila Meets Man Whose Keke Has A Fan, Refreshments

Honorable Femi Gbajabiamila has shared pictures he took with one of his constituents who drives a Keke (tricycle) with a unique flavour.

According to Gbajabiamila, he got fascinated about the news of how the young man's Keke is equipped with audio systems, a fan, waste basket, sweets for passengers to refresh themselves...

Femi Gbajabiamila wrote: ''Having heard the exploits of Mr. Samuel Ogundare a resident of my constituency and his corporate Keke business I sought him out and caught up with him today.

This is a young man who has taken so much pride in what he does, taken it to another level and is making a decent living from it. I am proud of him and will be doing a lot with and for him moving forward.

His keke comes equipped with visual and audio systems, a fan, waste paper baskets, sweets for refreshments, clean leather seats, air fresheners etc.''

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Must-see Historical Buildings When You Travel Around Nigeria

Many people rarely consider adding visits to historical buildings to their itinerary when they travel. Such visits can help them expand their knowledge and can also be a great way to reinforce lessons. Some of these historical buildings have hands-on exhibits and tours which add to the visitors’ experience. This said, Nigeria has no shortage of these historic buildings, sites and landmark. 
Jumia Travel highlights some of the historical buildings to visit.
Mary Slessor House, Calabar
Built in the late 19th century, the Mary Slessor House once housed the iconic Scottish missionary Mary Slessor who was best known for stopping the killing of twins in Calabar. Rather than reside among her colleagues in the missionary quarters, she decided to stay among the Calabar people. The result of that decision is the Mary Slessor House in Ekenge, Calabar, which stands till today as a testament to her selfless service and courage.
First Presbyterian Church, Calabar
Calabar is an important tourist hub because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean attracted attention from foreigners especially European missionaries and colonialists. The First Presbyterian Church in Nigeria was founded by Rev. Hope Masterton Waddell as early as 1846 and has endured as a lasting legacy of missionary work in Nigeria. It is also a wonderful place to visit.
Oba of Benin Palace, Edo
This ancient building was first constructed around the 13th century by Oba Ewedo of Benin and later rebuilt by his successor, Oba Eweka II in the 20th. This building is a symbol of the enduring legacies of one of the most powerful traditional kingdoms in Nigeria and indeed West Africa.
First Storey Building in Nigeria, Badagry

Widely reputed to be the first-storey building erected by foreigners in Nigeria, this building was once used as a primary school by the Methodist Church. Its foundations were laid by the famous missionary Henry Townsend in 1842 and completed in 1845 by Rev. Bernard Freeman and other notable missionaries. This historic building would later house the first African C.M.S (Church Missionary Society) bishop, Samuel Ajayi Crowther who translated the Bible from English to Yoruba.

Boy Gets University Scholarship for Inventing Bitter-leaf Processor

Anambra State government has promised to sponsor Dikanna Onuigbo, a secondary school student in the state who invented a machine that processes bitter leaves to study Mechanical Engineering in the university.

The Deputy Governor, Dr. Nkem Okeke, who made the promise in Awka, yesterday, also assured him of government assistance in patenting his invention.

He praised the 16-year old SS3 student for his resourcefulness, saying the feat was an indication that the state was blessed with rich talented people.

Earlier, Onuigbo, a student of Community Secondary School, Okpuno, Awka South Council area of the state, said his dream was to patent the invention and secure funding for its commercialisation.

He also said the machine would relieve people from the use of hand processing method they were traditionally used to over the years.

Accompanied by his father, Peter Onuigbo, the Anambra-born student demonstrated his invention before state government officials.

Are The Youths Truly Ready For Leadership Or Just Ranting?

Written by Dele Momodu
Fellow Nigerians, let me start on a personal note today by repeating a story you are probably familiar with. Anyone who has followed my trajectory a bit would have heard this story for the umpteenth time.

I moved to Lagos from the ancient city of Ile-Ife in 1988 at the age of 28. I had spent most of my adult life in the historic township but suddenly reached a dead end when I could not even find a job of a teacher, with a Master’s degree in Literature-in-English. All my friends had something to do except me.  
It wasn’t that I was dull or lazy, but there was embargo on appointments and promotions in higher institutions at the time.

Let’s now fast forward. I started writing articles at the behest of my best friend, Prince Adedamola Aderemi, who was teaching Law at the Obafemi Awolowo University and my pieces soon ignited fire in the Sunday Tribune and The Guardian and I became known here and there. Due to joblessness, I was advised to try my luck elsewhere in Ibadan or Lagos. My preference was to work at The Guardian newspapers, but I couldn’t secure a job at Rutam House. I was then introduced by my late friend, Onukaba Adinoyi-Ojo to the Editor of African Concord magazine, Lewis Obi, who agreed to employ me instantly. But this is not the main story. The meat of it is that I was reluctant to work at Concord Group, which was owned by Chief Moshood Abiola. And my grouse was based totally on unsubstantiated stereotyping and false stories that ignited raw sentiment and foolish emotion in me.

Chief Abiola had been demonised by several powerful forces. His major offence was his opposition to Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s Presidential ambition in 1979, and the role played by the Concord media conglomerate in not supporting a man who was practically deified in Yorubaland. Abiola was thus seen to have committed heresy and had to be nailed to the cross. But by far the most potent and lethal attack came from the one and only irrepressible Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who produced and released a monster hit, International Thief Thief, in which he called Chief Abiola all manner of unprintable names. I still don’t have details of what led to their skirmishes.

Of course, as a Fela devotee, we never saw anything good in Abiola thereafter, and we blocked our minds to ever liking a man who we were told was an oppressor, a religious fanatic and a looter of Nigeria’s wealth. We never bothered to crosscheck the facts or fiction but we believed everything hook, line and sinker. Truth was I secretly admired the man and wished I could be like him but hearsay made us dislike him. It was hunger that saved me from hating a man I did not know.

The first lesson I learnt was that hunger does not discriminate. There is a Yoruba saying that “when you are hungry enough, you will accept food from your enemy.” I was too hungry for a job to have a choice, so I accepted the Concord offer most reluctantly but with automatic alacrity. The second lesson came after I resumed work at Concord. Contrary to the rumour that Chief Abiola was a religious bigot, I discovered that he was too liberal to force his faith on anyone or group.

He was totally detribalised and gave everyone his due. The closer I got to him, the more I gained insight into one of the greatest Nigerians that ever lived. I became a fan, and later his adopted son. I decided to join hands with others to rescue his battered reputation which were actually firmly rooted on the altar of politics and personal squabbles. It was such an uphill task because negative perception is often most difficult to change. But I thank God for the uncommon opportunity to come close to Chief Abiola, a rare privilege that made it possible for me to purge my mind and soul of acquired and accumulated bile.

Since then, I have remained on the side of caution and tolerance. Journalism has also taught me to mellow down my temperament in dealing with people. I have imbibed the legal aphorisms that you must always listen to the other side and that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Moreover, I have been able to differentiate between my routine job and my personal opinion. I realised that many journalists have failed, and still failing spectacularly, because they could not distinguish between the business of journalism and their personal sentiments. For example, journalists are seen and expected to be the lamb of God who take away the sins of the world while all other professions and careers are at liberty to do business with everyone, including saints and sinners.

The fact that Thisday or Punch newspapers report government activities daily or transact business with different governments does not mean they can’t write opinions and editorials against the same government they had promoted or projected, if and when the government is misbehaving. It is the height of illiteracy, and hypocrisy, to treat the people you criticise as enemies and vice versa.

The very essence of freedom of speech and democracy is to speak to power as a corrective measure and not as vendetta. Thereafter, you must let the music play on.

Best Graduating Student Rewarded With Yam Tuber, Live Chicken

The Best Graduating Student - Department of Mass Communication - of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University (COOU), formerly Anambra State University, Best Somadina Nwabuwa has been celebrated for his exceptional feat in 'agricultural' way.

Nwabuwa was given an undisclosed sum of money, a live chicken and yam tuber by an online news platform, an organisaton known for celebrating excellence in communication education using agricultural products.

In his reaction, Nwabuwa thanked them for the honour, adding that it was not about the cash or agricultural products but the recognition which is an encouragement.

Beautiful Photo Of Bridesmaids In Suit

The ladies at this wedding made a unique fashion statement. Looks nice!

Saturday, 8 September 2018

Atiku Reveals What Will Happen If Pres. Buhari Fails To Handover If Defeated In 2019

Former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has revealed what will happen should President Muhammadu Buhari refuse to leave office in an event he is defeated in 2019.

Atiku who is a presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said if President is defeated at the polls, he will have no choice than to step aside.

According to him, any refusal to step aside and handover power peacefully will plunge the country into political crisis, a situation the President may not want.

Speaking on a short interview on Pulse TV, the ex-Vice President said, “Buhari will have to leave power if he is voted out unless he wants to plunge this country into political crisis and I don’t believe he’ll want to do that.

“But so far, he has done badly as far as electoral processes are concerned because there have been serious breaches of fundamental electoral processes.

“I felt there was a need for someone like me who’s experienced in politics; experienced in governance; experience in business to try and restore and bring back the country on track as far as economic development was concerned.”

5 Reasons You Will Love Touring Calabar

Calabar is unarguably Nigeria's tourism hub and haven. If you so desire to explore Nigeria, you must include Calabar on your itinerary. Jumia shares reasons you will love touring Calabar.

Uncountable tourist attractions
Calabar blessed is blessed with endless tourist attractions. Anyone visiting the state should be ready to be treated to virgin forests, resorts, hills, waterfalls and mountain. Leading the pack in terms of popularity is the Obudu Cattle Ranch. Other Calabar attractions include Tinapa Lakeside Resort, Kwa Waterfalls, Drill Ranch and National Park.
Great hospitality
Calabar people are synonymous with hospitality. They are very hospitable which is why over the years, it has become a choice destination for tourists besides its many tourist destinations. They are accommodating and they have a medley of cuisines that will leave you desiring for more. As a Nigerian, you must have heard of the soup duo-Edikaikong and Afang. This is just a tip of the iceberg. There is more if you visit Calabar.
Going on tour is education in itself. There is so much to learn while travelling. However, for Calabar, it is different. Tourists who intend to visit the state should include the slave museum on their to-do lists. You will go down memory lane as you will be told about the sad and dark days of slavery in Calabar and much more.
Host the biggest carnival/festival in Africa
The Calabar carnival is usually tagged as Africa's biggest street party. Whether you believe it or not, Calabar is the place to be in December. You will definitely have a thrilling and indelible experience.
It is a clean city

Calabar boasts of a relatively clean environment especially when you compare it to other cosmopolitan cities in Nigeria. The fact is tourists won't visit a place where the streets are littered.


Obasanjo-backed ADC Now Has 118 Senators, Reps Members & State Assembly Members

The political arena in Nigeria is an interesting one. While some parties without Political Office Holders in the national or states assemblies are claiming that they are the "Third Force", what is now being described as a credible alternative has emerged.

President Olusegun Obasanjo's group - Coalition For Nigeria Movement adopted ADC just few months ago, and the party now has as much as 118 lawmakers across Nigeria.

Ahead of the general election, the African Democratic Congress (ADC) has rewarded 118 federal and state legislators, who joined the party, with automatic ticket.

The party plans to nominate its presidential candidate on October 6, 2018.

National chairman Chief Ralph’s Nwosu, who disclosed this at the National Executive Committee meeting of the party in Abuja, said the party decided to reward the lawmakers for coming out boldly “to identify with the fastest growing party in Nigeria, the ADC, at this crucial time in the history of our country.”
Among those to benefit from the party's automatic ticket are five senators, 18 members of the House of Representatives and 95 members of states Houses of Assembly.

PDP BoT bars members from supporting Atiku, Saraki, others

The Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party has barred its members from campaigning for any of its presidential aspirants.

The BoT took the decision not to back any aspirants at its meeting in Abuja yesterday.

Chairman of the Board, Senator Walid Jibrin, who spoke with journalists after the meeting, also said that the Board would look at the possibility of pruning the number of the aspirants.

He said that the BoT would set up a committee that would look into it, but added that the none of the aspirants would be forced to step down.

He said, “The BoT deliberated on the current situation in the party. We also discussed about the number of our presidential aspirants.

“We are recommending that we have to manage the situation very well, so that it does not lead to crisis. The presidential aspirants are 13. We are trying our best to ensure that the number is reduced.

“But we are not forcing anybody. More consultations are ongoing among the elders. We are going to bring out a committee that will be best for Nigerians.

“We are forming a committee to meet with the aspirants. After that, we will decide on what to do. We have decided to firm a special committee to advise the National Working Committee.

“If you are a member of BoT, you remain as a member of BoT and conscience of the party. They should not move about with any aspirant.

“Anyone of us who move about with any aspirant should resign from the BoT. We are the one that will settle the complaint.

“But if we are involved it will not be fair. So we have told the members not to campaign with the aspirants; we are also the delegates.” ‎

Meet Lady Who Sponsors Her Education With House Painting

In this era of ‘Small Girls with Big god’, diligence and patience is rare as most people are caught up in the rat race of getting rich quick and as such, they engage in unlawful and immoral acts.

However, the narrative is different in the case of a lady who recently went viral on social media for the right reason.
She is a student, and she supports herself with her painting jobs.

The lady identified as Musah Mufeedah had taken to her page to share photos from one of her jobs as she declared that she was proud with her Handiwork

Sharing the photos, she wrote;

"U can still style when working
Proudly a bae of her self
Don’t form if u are not a hard working bae
Yes I can do it…..

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

“Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program for African Researchers”

Dear Colleagues,

The Application deadline to apply for the “Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program for African Researchers” is extended to: 30 September 2018.

Your chance is still up !! Don’t miss the opportunity !!

Application Deadline: 30 September 2018.

The Joint ASRT-BA Research Grants Program, launched by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), in collaboration with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) Center for Special Studies and Programs (CSSP), offers fifty research grants to fifty post-doctoral young researchers under the age of 45 (40 Egyptians and 10 Africans) over two rounds (25 young researchers per round), conducting an innovative applied research in one of the following areas:
·              Food and Agricultural Sciences
·              Environment
·              Engineering Sciences and Technologies
·              Medical Sciences
Candidates must be currently working at a public/private academic or research institution in Africa and the research must be conducted in Egypt.

Egyptian candidates must have foreign counterpart(s) at a university or a research center abroad; African candidates must have an Egyptian professor supervising their research or Egyptian counterpart.

The Grant maximum duration is limited to two years and the maximum amount of money provided per researcher is up to (EGP 250,000).
For more information about the eligibility criteria and for online application, please visit:
For any inquiry, please contact:; copying (Cc)

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us through this email:, or through our official Facebook page: BAIFA – Bibliotheca Alexandrina Information for Africa.

Monday, 3 September 2018

Newly-Built Pedestrian Bridge Along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

A new pedestrian bridge built by the Lagos state government has been completed. The bridge is located at the Secretariat bus stop, along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The pedestrian bridge will particularly be of benefit to residents of the Magodo 2-CBD-Alausa-Secretariat axis of the state.

Many had lost their lives crossing the road in that axis. More pics...

In response to their yearnings, Governor Ambode approved the construction of a pedestrian Bridge.


"My Wife Torments Me, I'm Scared Of My Life" - Vice President

Zimbabwean VP, Kembo Campbell Mohadi, has cried out for help over the torture he receives from his wife, Tambudzani Bhugadi.

The Vice President accused his estranged wife of sending threatening messages to him after he filed for divorce.
The divorce proceedings started in 2017, reports iHarare.

Mohadi approached a civil court in Harare seeking a protection order against her. He told the court, “I am a law-abiding citizen and given the increasing incidences of people who are killing their spouses for passion, I pray that this honourable court protects me against the threatened violence.

“I have approached this honourable court seeking a protection order against the respondent in terms of the Domestic Violence Act, in that the respondent is a very abusive person and/or a person of a violent disposition such that I am now living in fear of my life.

The VP claims that his estranged wife started behaving violently towards him after she was served a copy of the divorce summons.

“The respondent has escalated her violent tendencies against my person [Mohadi] and even calling me on my mobile phone while insulting me and threatening to tarnish my image, which has the potential to damage my political endeavours in view of my political office and as a member of the government,” Mohadi said in a matter set to be heard on Friday.

His estranged wife is said to have started selling off their matrimonial property before the finalisation of the divorce matter in order to tamper the ends of justice.

Mohadi also claimed that his wife has gone to the extent of turning their four children against him.

I'm Ready To Return To The Classroom - Goodluck Jonathan

While speaking at the 35th and 36th combined convocation ceremony of the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education in Port Harcourt, former President Goodluck Jonathan, expressed his readiness to return to the classroom if offered such opportunity, especially at the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt.

Jonathan who made the disclosure at the event where he was conferred with “Icon of Democracy” award, expressed gratitude to the institution for the honour done to him.

The former president said: “I want to specially thank the Senate of the University for considering my family worthy of double honours, to wit: the conferment of the honour of Icon of Democracy on me and the naming of the new Automated University Library after my wife, Dame Patience Jonathan.

“I always attach so much importance to any recognition coming from home because I strongly believe that no prize commands higher value than the one given by the beneficiary’s direct constituency.”

Jonathan stated that the visit is like homecoming for him, as a former lecturer in the Rivers State College of Education, which was upgraded to a full-fledged university. The former president said:

“Let me also say that I had good job satisfaction here, compared to all the other places I have worked. I know that the only major challenge academic staff face is with the reward system, considering the fact that as a nation, we are yet to get to the point where we pay our teachers the wages they deserve.

“However, for all the hindrances teachers face, they derive a fulfilling experience and satisfaction from the special relationship they cultivate with their students. This is because bringing up the young ones is very rewarding in a very distinct manner. The bond, friendship and sense of loyalty are eternal.

“Even today, the way my former students regard and relate with me is different from the way my fellow politicians relate with me, even those I mentored.”

7 Ways To Make Your Airport Experience Less Stressful

Travelling through the airport can be a really stressful experience, but it really doesn't have to be. Jumia share simple tips that will help make your airport experience much more enjoyable.

Pack light
Making this simple change will completely transform your experience at the airport. Whether you’re travelling for two days or two months you can survive with just a carry-on luggage. Unless you are travelling with something big such as a bike or guitar, there is usually not a good enough reason to have to bring a checked bag with you on your trip.
Pack 2 days in advance
Packing 2 days earlier makes packing so much easier and way less stressful. All it takes is setting your bathing suit, shorts, and other wears aside. Dust off your luggage open it up and set it aside in the corner of your room. As you think of things start throwing them in. By the time it comes to leaving all you’ve got to do is zip up your suitcase and go. So simple, but so effective.
Record your travel info right after booking
Avoid having to scavenge through your emails looking for your travel information. Odds are that you’ve booked your trip months in advance. By this time hundreds of reminders, promotions, and correspondences will have flooded your inbox. Recording your travel info right after booking makes tracking down your booking reference, flight time, and terminal number so much easier. This also makes online check in a lot quicker and more efficient. 
Never travel on an empty stomach
If your basic needs aren’t meet, you’re going to undoubtedly be more prone to stress. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get 'hangry'. So do yourself a favour and have a good meal before starting your journey. If you absolutely must skip out on a meal at least bring some easy snacks with you. This way when you feel the monster taking over you can grab something quickly to subdue the hangry beast inside you.
Avoid morning flights if you can
This isn’t always possible, but whenever you can; always book an afternoon or evening flight. If your basic need of sleep isn't being met, you're much more prone to stress and anxiety on the day you are travelling. Who really wants to wake up 3 hours before their 7am flight and go through the airport on only 4 hours of sleep? Also, booking an evening flight will help avoid jet lag in some cases. 
Arrive early
This is a given, but you always have those who never consider hitting traffic or queuing for an hour at security. Arriving early helps avoid any stress related to time. Plus it gives you time for a nice cup of coffee and a bit of duty-free shopping.
Book seats at the back of the plane
This is key, especially for getting the full benefit of travelling with only a carry-on luggage. If you book seats that are closer to the back of the airplane, you’re more likely to be boarded first. This is important so that you get your bag into the overhead compartment. 

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