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Sunday, 5 May 2019

How You Can Choose Your Baby's Sex Before Birth

by Dr. Abayomi Ajayi 

Do you know you can choose the s*x of your children before they are born? Everyone wants a healthy baby and it is normal to have a preference. Gender selection enables that. It is a procedure that allows intending parents to choose the sex of their baby. 
The selection of the gender of a couple’s baby – also sometimes referred to as family balancing – is available through special test procedures in conjunction with IVF/ICSI (In vitro fertilization/ Intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

Normally, all couples have a 50/50 chance of conceiving a boy or a girl; however, you might want to stack the odds in your favour, either for medical or some reasons to balance your family.

You may wish for a specific gender for your child if you wish to prevent inheritance of sex-linked genetic diseases.

There was a time the sex selection process could only be done abroad. Essentially the primary aim of assisted conception is to help couples achieve pregnancy, which is a primary and fundamental human requirement.

Research shows that as parents get closer to achieving their total desired number of children, the gender composition of the children already born becomes an important determinant of whether you would have another child.

Under these conditions, sex selection can help maximise your chances of having a small family size of both sexes. So instead of trying repeatedly and hoping on chance, a more certain method of selecting the sex of the child can be considered.

Sex selection is important for medical reasons in order to eliminate genetic diseases like Haemophila A and Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy that occur in males but are only carried or transferred by females.

If yours is a family with a history of some of these conditions, you could prefer to apply gender selection and opt to have only female children.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis or PGD is one of the best scientific methods for selecting the gender of a child. If properly done, PGD is almost 100 per cent certain of selecting the desired sex. In PGD, the woman first goes through IVF, where her ovaries are stimulated using medications to produce eggs.

The eggs are retrieved from her body using a special technique. They are fertilised using her partner’s sperms and in the resulting embryos, small cells are removed from each and analysed to determine the gender of the particular embryo.

Embryos of the desired sex are then transferred into the woman’s womb with the hope that they will attach to the uterine lining and grow into a viable pregnancy.

The gender of an embryo is determined by the chromosomes carried by the sperm. A sperm can carry either the X or the Y chromosome. The woman’s egg only contributes the X chromosome to the fertilised embryo. The presence of the Y chromosome in the sperm will create a male baby (XY). Two X chromosomes – one X from the sperm and one X from the egg – will produce a female baby (XX).

Another method known as Sperm Sorting/Microsort, involves the sperms being sorted using fluorescent technology into Y chromosome for the boy carrying sperms and X chromosome (girl) carrying sperms. The technology is based on the fact that the X chromosome is substantially larger than the Y chromosome.

The process uses a fluorescent DNA stain that attaches to the DNA of each sperm and a sorter to identify and separate the sperms.

However, not all couples are suitable for Microsort. The sperm count of the male partner must be within normal limits (at least 20 million sperms per ml with 50 per cent motility). Sperm samples are collected over a period and banked until a total of about 200 million sperms are collected. They are frozen and sent for sorting.

The sorted samples are sent back usually within three to four weeks and depending on the desired gender, the appropriate sperm is used to inseminate the woman or to fertilise her egg during processes of assisted reproduction.
The chances that the child will be a boy are up to 80 per cent while the chances that they will be a girl are over 90 per cent.

There are pros and cons. In PGD, the embryos may be damaged during testing. The desired sex may not be achieved as all the embryos produced may not be of the desired sex. The Microsort method may also not result in getting the desired gender as it is not 100 per cent effective.

Microsort method is based on separating sperm according to how much DNA is in the sperm. If a sperm with extra or less DNA per chromosome (abnormal sperm) fertilises an egg, it could result in pregnancy failure or a high risk of miscarriage.

Alongside sex determination, PGD can also check if the embryos are genetically normal.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Many Governors Agree To Pay N30,000 Minimum Wage

Nigerian Workers joy knew no bound in some states yesterday as they got assurances of payment of the N30,000 minimum wage from governors.

At rallies to mark the May Day, Edo, Adamawa, Ondo, Cross River, Zamfara, Oyo, Ebonyi, Delta, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Anambra governors said they would pay the wage.

Outgoing Governors Mohammed Bindow (Adamawa), Abiola Ajimobi (Oyo) and Abdulaziz Yari (Zamfara) pledged to begin implementation of the pay before they go on May 29.

But Governor Seriake Dickson (Bayelsa) and Abdulfatah Ahmed (Kwara) said they were awaiting the National Income and Wages Commission (NIWC) to release modalities for the wages implementation.

In Calabar, Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade paid May salary to mark the day. But Labout protested, saying it was too early to do so.

The May Day was celebrated with fanfare across the states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) where Vice President Yemi Osinbajo took the workers’ salute on behalf of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Yahaya Bello Visits Bourdillon At Night, Meets Tinubu

The rumour that some forces in APC are not ready to allow Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state have a second term is serious. The young governor - who had ignored APC national leader Bola Tinubu since coming into office through the controversy of late Prince Audu's death and the refusal of AGF Malami to back Tinubu's boy, James Faleke as governor - finally visited Tinubu yesterday.

His visited to Tinubu's Lagos home may not be unconnected with Kogi State governorship election which is coming up later this year.

Bello was declared winner of the 2015 Kogi State gubernatorial election after he was chosen on the platform of the All Progressives Congress as the replacement for the late  Audu who originally won the election but died before the result was declared.

The replacement, which was facilitated by former APC Chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun and some party chieftains, did not go down well with Tinubu and his political structure who had wanted Faleke, the deputy gubernatorial candidate to replace Audu.

Reports have it that Bello may not be offered the ticket to seek re-election under the ruling APC due to his below average performance since he became governor of Kogi State about three years ago.

Pastor Adeyemi & Wife Celebrate 26th Wedding Anniversary

The founder and senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi and his beautiful wife, Nike, are marking their 26th wedding anniversary today, May 1. Happy wedding anniversary to them!
Pastor Sam made this known via a tweet:


Why Finland's Education System Is Best In The World

Finland is consistently ranked at the top of the list of best education systems in the world. In fact, the World Bank recently declared the country “a miracle of education.”

On Universitas 21’s latest ranking of the world’s top universities, Finland finished top spot when levels of GDP per capita were considered – with impressive scores that exceeded expectations, given the country’s income level.

So, the big question is: What makes the Finland education system unique?

as shared by The iSchooler
We did a close review and discovered some really interesting facts behind the success of this small and quiet north European country.

Less Formal Schooling 
Contrary to the general norm nearly everywhere else on the globe, Finland believes less is more. And this philosophy is reflected in all facets of national life, including the education system.

Whereas the school starting age of kids in most countries keeps getting lower and lower, in Finland children don’t start formal school until they reach the age of seven. Yes, seven!

And, oh, for the record, that’s just about the oldest age to start school anywhere on the globe.

The children are given a lot of liberty. They are allowed to be children, to learn more naturally and informally through playing and exploring – rather than the formal system of children sitting locked up in a classroom with a teacher reading out instructional materials.

The goal and method of teaching are quite unique too. Teachers don’t focus on teaching pupils knowledge to help them pass a test or exam. Instead, the overall objective is to get the students to concentrate on things that will help them really understand the lessons and how to creatively apply the concepts in everyday life.

You may be asking: Won’t that approach slow them down? No, quite the opposite! The children start formal education when they are actually developmentally ready to learn and focus.

After the first year of school, the next stage for the child is nine years of compulsory schooling. At the end of the ninth grade, everything is optional and at the age of 16, the student can decide on any of three paths:

A three-year Upper Secondary School programme.
A three-year Vocational Education programme
Join the workforce (Less than 5% of students follow this track).

Fewer Students, More Individual Attention 
You probably already imagined this scenario. You guessed right. Fewer students in a class often mean the teacher can provide better care and attention to the pupils.

Typically, a Finnish teacher is assigned about 3 to 4 classes of 20 students a day, so they are responsible for between 60 to 80 students daily. This is a more reasonable number and a lot smaller than the average teacher in most other countries has to manage every weekday.

Less Time in School, Fewer Instructions 
In Finland, school usually starts at 9 am or 9:45 am; and ends by 2 pm or 2:45 pm. Surprised? There’s more: The average Finnish teacher provides fewer instructions to his/her students in a day than the regular teacher elsewhere in the world.

When computed, the total instruction time clocks to about 600 hours a year or 4 lessons daily. But here’s the catch: The topics are fewer but more in-depth. The focus of the lessons is not in the period or number, but on creativity, skill acquisition, and real-world application.

The younger kids are allowed sufficient time to play, so they can discover, be creative, and learn in the process. When they are 7, they start formal schooling and are taught how to read and write.

For the older kids also, there’s a deliberate effort to avoid the pupils getting too tired or stressed so they can learn well. They are given only a reasonable amount of homework, have a fewer number of school days a term compared to other kids around the world, and take 10 to 20 minutes breaks between the lessons.

During the breaks, the children are allowed to go outside and play, so they can focus on studying again. The children also eat free, healthy lunch at school. The end goal is to ensure both the students and teachers are well rested and ready to learn/teach.

The System Prioritizes Play 
We already mentioned that Finnish students get the least amount of homework in the world, as the focus is to allow the pupils adequate free time, play, breaks, and rest, so their minds are sharper and their body well relaxed and refreshed for learning.

Students in Finland typically don’t have afterschool tutors or lessons. It sounds ironic when you take into account that Finnish students score higher than students from Asian countries who receive tons of extra lessons or afterschool instructions.

Finnish students get the work done in class diligently, and teachers feel that is adequate. There are no pressures on the students to do more than what is necessary to learn a skill. And when there are assignments, they are often open-ended and not really graded.

Teaching as a Profession Is Revered 
Most students in both developing and developed countries rarely think of teaching as a career choice, perhaps after observing the profession is generally undervalued and their teachers often underpaid.

The reverse is the case in Finland – specifically in terms of the treatment and respect accorded to teachers.

Teaching is a very prestigious profession in Finland. Teachers work fewer hours and are paid relatively well compared with their colleagues in many other countries. They are also entrusted with the authority to plan their teaching in a way they think best suits their students.

Teaching is an extremely selective profession in Finland, and it’s not easy to get accepted in the special programme to qualify as a teacher. In fact, you have to be well motivated and gifted to make the grade.

But before applying for the teacher’s education programme, it is mandatory you have a master’s degree in your subject. That is if you’re going to take any of the high school or middle school classes.

If you’re applying to be a kindergarten, preschool or elementary school teacher, you must also have a master’s degree or at least a bachelor’s degree.

No Standardized Testing 
While the practice in most countries is that students take standardised tests and exams to track their progress, in Finland students take just a single test, called the National Matriculation Exam, during their entire time in elementary or high school.

However, the test assessment is more than just what the student scores. Rather, it measures the general academic maturity level of the student, which are standards by which a mature, educated person is evaluated in Finnish society.

Free Education at All Levels 
Finland is one of the few countries in the world that offer absolutely free bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programmes — not only for its own citizens but also students from European Union and EEA countries.

Yes, you read right: International students from eligible countries studying any course in Finnish universities do not pay a penny in tuition. There are no fancy private schools or universities anywhere with their own study plans. Instead, there’s a national standard for what every school must teach.

In Finland, capitalism (which, for example, allows you to pay to get good education for your child or yourself) is seen as a system that produces a mass of ignorant people versus a small, well-educated elite; thereby making poor education/good education, and poverty/wealth divides kind of “hereditary.”

In summary, Finnish society is a welfare state and aims at taking care of everybody, not just those that can afford it. Naturally, it starts with universal healthcare, in which families receive medical care when needed in any of the comprehensive networks of child welfare clinics.

So, the much-lauded Finnish education system is only an extension of a grounded tradition of a welfare state. Besides, Finland appears to be very conscious of the important roles teachers play in moulding and influencing the next generation and consequently invests heavily (time, efforts and resources) in the recruitment process and general education system.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Check Out The New 2020 Toyota Highlander

The new SUV will come in five variants, starting with a new L grade, then LE, XLE, Limited and the top-of line Platinum. (The Hybrid is offered on all but the L grade). The Limited and Platinum features Highlander’s first-ever 20-inch alloy wheels; The Platinum version gets a 12.3-inch touchscreen display entertainment and connectivity system while others will get an 8-inch.
The L and LE grades come standard with a second-row bench for seating for eight, while the XLE, Limited and Platinum come standard with a Captain’s Chair second row. More pics...

The available new JBL Premium Sound System delivers a 1,200 watts of power. The multimedia system also features Apple Car Play, Android Auto, SiriusXM, Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa Auto.

Brilliant Nigerian Lady Gets Admission From 11 Top Universities

This Nigerian lady, Franka Anyama got 10 foreign admissions letters to study for M.Sc in ten different foreign universities. She is right now searching for a sponsor.

Below is what the young lady, who couldn’t contain her joy, has to say:

Relevance has always been a measure of one’s value and to add value to ones life, one must pursue interest and goals with vigour. My name is Franka Anyama Undie a Cross River State indigene.

I grew up in a family where we have to compete for everything, — _compete for who was the best in academics, House chores and board games_ .

I developed a passion for technology, business, management, arithmetics and record computation which led me to studying Accountancy as my first degree.

During my degree program, I was very active in many facets of University life. I completed a number of voluntary internship on holidays, working for small business owners.

This gave me an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.

I also conducted a number of personal community development projects like organizing free ICT trainings, giving motivational talks in colleges, organizing health campaigns and bringing together a team to ensure environmental sanitation is properly carried out in my community.

Interestingly, none of these community development services hindered my educational pursuit as I bagged a second class upper upon graduation.

I believe that anything one dreams of, there is just a helper away, we just need the right scenario and connection, and anything can be achieved.

With determination and the right people to encourage you and guide you, one can achieve a great amount of success that will bring a positive change to the society.

I continually aspire growth and development which is why I applied and got admissions into eleven different schools for the 2019/2020 academic session.

I wanted to make sure I am the best. I wanted to prove to myself that I was worthy enough and anyone who wants to help me actualize my life’s goal will also see in me the same potentials I see in myself – _Determination and excellence_ .

So, I didn’t just gain admission into two or three schools, out of luck, but I secured admissions into the following Universities and courses:

1) Griffith College Dublin: MSc in International Business and Law.

2) University of Essex: MSc Actuarial Science.

3) University of Sussex: Master of Science Information Technology with Business and Management.

4) Cranfield University: MSc Management and Information Systems.

5) University of Dundee: MSc International Oil and Gas Management.

6) University of Manchester: MSc Management and Information Systems: Change and Development.

7) Loughborough University: MSc Information Management and Business Technology.

8) University of Strathclyde: MSc International Management.

9) University of Nottingham: Master of Science Information Systems and Operations Management.

10) London School of Economics: Masters of Science in Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation.

11) University of Greenwich: MSc Global Oil and Gas Management.

Out of all the courses I feel so passionate about _the Masters of Science Information Technology with Business and Management_ offered at University of Sussex, maybe because of what it encompasses and how it accurately fits into my career goals and ambitions.

My desire to study abroad stems from a dearth of equivalent professional programs offered in Nigeria. The future of technology, business, appropriate data management and financial reports in Nigeria will demand a workforce with a specialized skill set.

With the sponsorship which I seek, I will be able to actualize my academic/career goal and dream of acquiring the requisite academic training which would position me to meet this emerging career/workplace demand and also pioneer the architecture, management and protection of business and companies in Nigeria.

Identical Twins Set To Wed Same Day (Pre-Wedding Photos)

A Nigerian identical twin brothers, Taiwo and Kehinde are set to wed two ladies on same day. Most twins tend to do things together in reality and they are known to be very close. More pics...


See The 'Tallest Lady' In Nigeria (Photos)

Here's a lady identified as Yvonne Rofem, said to be the self acclaimed Tallest Girl in Nigeria. She's 6ft3, wears shoe size 46 and weighs 100kg because of her very Huge Bones...


Dangote Is Selling His 'Dangote Flour Mills' For N130bn

Aliko Dangote is reportedly selling his loss-making business unit, Dangote Flour Mills to Olam Int'l for N130 billion ($361.11 million). The sale of Dangote Flour Mills Plc for N130 billion ($361.11 million), was announced in a corporate disclosure posted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) on Tuesday.
According to Thabo Mabe, director at Dangote Flours, Olam International has indicated interest to acquire all the outstanding and issued shares of the flour mills company that are not currently owned by Olam through its subsidiary, Crown Flour Mills Limited.

“The total consideration offered by Olam and being considered by the Board of Dangote Flour Mills for the entire 5 billion issued shares of the company is N130 billion.

“The consideration represents the enterprise value on a debt-free, cash-free basis, payable in cash at the closing of the proposed transaction. This consideration will be adjusted for net working capital and net debt as of 31 March 2019 or any other later date that may be agreed by Olam and the Board of Dangote Flour Mills to arrive at the final price payable to equity shareholders.”

Check Out Dubai Police Exotic Luxurious Cars

Dubai Police car collection is made up of Mercedes Benz G-wagon Brabus, BMW i8, Audi r8, Porsche Panemera 4s, Mercedes Benz sls AMG, Bentley Continental, Bentley Bentyaga, Lamborghini

The most expensive car In the world, a Bugatti is also used to do Police Work In Dubai.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Wow! Lady Born With No Arms and Knees Finds Love

30-year-old Jlissa Austin from Houston, Texas, stands at just three feet four inches tall and disclosed that she thought she was destined to be alone all her life, until she met the love of her life, a tall and handsome man named Johnathon Shorter.
The entrepreneur, who runs her own weave company, has defied all the odds stacked against her even learning to type and brush her teeth with her toes.

A woman born with no arms, knees and just seven toes who was told she wouldn’t make her 18th birthday has revealed her joy at planning her wedding.

Jlissa Austin, 30, from Houston, Texas, stands at just three feet four inches tall and says she thought she was destined to be alone, until she met the love of her life, Johnathon Shorter.

The entrepreneur, who runs her own weave company, has defied all the odds stacked against her even learning to type and brush her teeth with her toes.

And the happy couple say they’re just like any other, with Jlissa’s disabilities not affecting their love life.

Jlissa and Johnathan, who is a five foot six inch-tall able-bodied man, share an apartment together in Houston and are currently planning their dream wedding for the summer.

Jlissa said: ‘Me and Johnathan are very good together. We’re so in tune.

‘I didn’t think it would ever happen to me – meeting someone like this. It feels so good to know that Johnathan is by my side.

‘When people see us walking around together, some of them shake Johnathan’s hand and say “I salute you, you’re doing a good job”. But we don’t experience issues with people judging our relationship too much thankfully.

‘We’re both really looking forward to our wedding, now.’

Johnathan mainly helps Jlissa with eating, getting in and out of cars and reaching things that are too high for her in their apartment.

Johnathan said: ‘Jlissa is a great person and a great friend. She is so lovable.

‘We are a complete team now. We met 13 years ago through mutual friends. We became friends at the start and then just grew to love each other.'
She feels settled and comfortable with her daily routine, doing the majority of things herself and with a little help from Johnathan, there’s nothing she feels like she can’t achieve.

Top Men Battling To Be In Buhari's New Cabinet

Ahead of the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term in office, the race for cabinet appointments has begun. A former Military Administrator, three outgoing governors and 15 ministers are jostling for cabinet seats.

There were indications last night that the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) may be zoned to the North-Central in favour of a Christian candidate.

There is pressure on Buhari to revert to a 42-man cabinet structure as part of his pledge of inclusiveness.

The new structure, according to The Nation, will include the constitutionally recommended 36 ministers from each state of the federation and six others representing each of the nation’s geopolitical zones — if Buhari embraces the idea.

Lobbyists, including governors and ministers, have been mounting pressure on influential citizens to put in a word for them.

Women are said to be demanding more ministerial jobs, including “strategic ministries”.

The pressure is said to have accounted for the recommendation of a 42-man cabinet. A source, who spoke in confidence, said: “Some of those seeking to be ministers include a former Military Administrator, three of the outgoing governors and no fewer than 15 of the over 30 ministers who will complete their tenure on May 22.

“As for the three outgoing governors, two may represent their geopolitical zones, depending on the outcome of consultations between the President and leaders from their zones.”

“No fewer than 15 ministers are said to be seeking a second chance because “some of them who faltered in office are claiming that they have learnt their lessons”.

“All these ministerial aspirants have been mounting pressure on the members of the Kitchen Cabinet of the President in order to be picked.”

Concerning the ex-MILAD, another source said: “Some forces within the first family are lobbying that the ex-Military Administrator should be made the Chief of Staff but the President seems to have confidence in the present holder, Mallam Abba Kyari. When the lobbying was stuck, they made a case for the Secretary to the Government of the Federation for the former MILAD. Now, the game has changed to a desire for a ministerial appointment.

“The only thing which can make the Office of the Chief of Staff to be vacant is if Kyari is given a choice ministerial appointment.

“Although the ex-MILAD will add value to the government, the only hurdle facing him is how he allegedly abandoned Buhari in the defunct Congress for Progressives Change ( CPC) in 2011 for the Peoples Democratic Party( PDP) without deferring to him. Some Buhari supporters do not want him to appoint the ex-MILAD as a minister.”

But some party leaders have been making a strong case for the Southeast to produce the SGF despite the zone’s rejection of Buhari at the poll.

A government source said: “Definitely, the SGF post will shift from the Northeast to another zone because the Northeast has enjoyed the slot in the last four years, with Engr. Babachir Lawal and Boss Mustapha occupying the office. The Northcentral looks more favoured with a Christian candidate for the slot.”

Jonathan Asks Reno Omokri To Show Buhari Respect

Reno Omokri, ex-aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan and critics of the Buhari-led government, has stated that Jonathan askd him to show respect and kindness to President Buhari.

In a statement he issued, Omokri stated: “I just don’t know how God created Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. I have never met a man, whether Pastor, Imam or Pope, with as much humility as former President Jonathan. He called me and appealed to me to show more respect and kindness to President Buhari. Would Buhari do that to him or Obj or IBB?”

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Bishop Oyedepo: Many African Leaders Are Intellectually Bankrupt

Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has berated African leaders, saying that they lack character, capacity and courage, three virtues he said they must have to move the black continent out of the woods.

Oyedepo, who delivered a keynote address during Covenant University’s 20th inaugural lecture at the university premises on Thursday, also noted that unlike their western counterparts, African leaders do not build institutions that would outlive them.

The lecture delivered by Jonathan Aremu, a professor of International Economics Relations at CU, was themed: ‘Sequencing and negotiating Nigeria’s regional and international trade agreements.’

The cleric was making allusion to Aremu’s lecture where he (Aremu) bemoaned Nigeria’s indifference and lack of will power in drafting effective trade policies and negotiations with relevant bodies.

The development, Aremu argued, has left the nation unable to articulate her interest properly.

Oyedepo, however, blamed the situation on Nigerian government’s lack of foresight and its inability to identify opportunities that would benefit the led.

He said: “It is unfortunate that many of our leaders are intellectually bankrupt. When confronted with some of these beautiful initiatives, it is very shameful that they often don’t know the meaning. And if they don’t know the meaning, how will they go about implementation?

“I have often said it that our leaders lack three Cs-capacity, courage and character. Where is the capacity when you are bereft of intellect required of a leader? Where is the courage when you don’t have the political will to follow through with policies that will improve governance? And where is the character when all they are thinking is how to win election as many times as possible while ignoring developmental initiatives?”

Oyedepo said the leadership should take a cue from an institution like Harvard University which has outlived the founder for centuries.
If Harvard were to be in Nigeria, it would have been in ruins in less than two decades, the cleric noted.

Nonetheless, Oyedepo said not only leaders are culpable, noting that the led are as much guilty for looking the other way for too long.

This, according to him, is the reason the Covenant University platform was conceived to point out the ills in governance while also recommending solutions to them.

Nigerian Church Celebrates Easter Season With Free Shopping For Everybody

This is quite commendable. A Church in Calabar, Cross River State - The Brooks Church - celebrated "Good Friday" by organising free shopping where people drop stuffs and anyone is allowed to take anything he or she likes home without paying a dime. More pics...


Saturday, 20 April 2019

Good Lady Returns Extra N250k Access Bank Mistakenly Paid Her

This young Nigerian lady named Helena Hamah, who's a Barber, went to Access Bank to withdraw N250k, but when she got home and counted the money she discovered that the Bank mistakenly paid her N500,000. She went back to the bank and returned the extra N250,000. Good gesture.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Eco. 521 Assignment—16th April, 2019

Discuss and analyse the following concepts in Monetary Economics
1.    Risk analysis
2.    Bank capital adequacy
3.    Bank earnings
4.    Balance sheet management
5.    Liquidity concepts and policies
6.    Lending policies
7.    Investment instruments and policies
8.    Comparative Financial Systems

(Not more than 12 -15pages)

Submit soft copy and Hard Copy


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