5 Safety Tips To Follow When A Tanker Is Involved In An Accident

1. Assume It Is Loaded With Fuel
Once a tanker is involved in
an accident, it is safe to always assume its filled with inflammable
content, even if you cannot see liquid coming out. Always assume it is

2. Don’t Try To Scoop Fuel
Even if you are very
fast, in scooping liquid, at most you would scoop 50 or 100 litres. Is
that how much your life is worth? Your life can’t be bought, fuel can
always be bought.

3. RUN For Your Life!
Run as fast as you can away from the tanker,
you don’t have to wait to confirm if its spilling any content, just run
away from it.

Don’t try to take pictures or videos, don’t try to observe. Run as
fast as you can, don’t look back!! A split second can save your life.
If you notice it is spilling its content already, run in a direction
that does not have a trail/flow of the liquid. This is important,
because a trail of fire, is faster than you are.

4. Leave Your Car There
like the above, leave your car, especially when there is traffic
congestion. Leave it!, don’t try to lock it. Just run, stand at an
extremely safe distance and watch your car from there. Once the road has
been declared safe by the authorities, you can go back and pick your
car. If it gets burnt, hustle and buy another car. Your life is worth
more than all the Toyota cars ever built put together.

If you are in a public bus, do the same thing. Exit the bus and run with the instructions given above.

5. Call The Authorities
Once you are at a safe distance, contact the authorities to report the accident. You can dial 112 or 767, its free.

– by Auto Josh

Tony Orji

Dr. Tony Orji is the founder and owner of Success Tonics Blog. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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