Important Travel Hacks For The Elderly

There is no age limit to travel. While getting older often means that
you may not carry out certain activities with as much strength as you
used to, this should not limit your ability to explore new destinations.
Seniors, whether alone or with their loved ones, can navigate the world
of modern travel safely and enjoyably too. 

It is advisable to travel more as a senior as you tend to appreciate new
destinations and experiences more. However, seeing as you may be much
slower in your reflexes, you will need to be careful while
globetrotting. Jumia Travel shares important travel safety tips for the

Travel with proper documentation
Don’t leave the house before making sure you have all necessary
documentation on hand. You or a family member should make copies of your
passport, driver’s license, insurance, travel tickets, itinerary,
boarding pass, in addition to your physician prescriptions and medical
statements. Once you have made copies of the necessary documentation,
place them in your backpack.
Book a direct flight
When planning your trip, aim to schedule a direct flight rather than a
connecting one. Not only will this reduce your overall travelling time,
but it will also help reduce the chances of missing a connecting flight.
Another benefit of flying direct is you won’t feel rushed, which can
lead to falls or other injuries simply because you are in a hurry.
Plan your travelling time properly
You may not have the energy level you once had, which is why it is
important that you plan your travels during less busy times. Travelling
is a lengthy process that is only worsened during busy hours, avoid the
hustle and bustle by travelling mid-morning or early afternoon.
Travel with medications and maintain a regular dosage
This is a very important tip to keep in mind. You should always store
important medications in your backpack instead of your checked baggage.
This way you can quickly access them during the flight if needed. You
should also make sure you have an adequate supply of medication, in case
of an emergency.
Get travel insurance
When looking forward to an upcoming vacation, the last thing on your
mind is all the possible things that could go wrong. Nothing puts a
bigger damper on your trip than becoming suddenly ill or missing your
flight. Although everyone should purchase travel insurance, it’s highly
recommended for elderly travellers or travellers with a chronic illness.
This is because they are more likely to experience unexpected health
complications before or after they arrive at their destination.

Tony Orji

Dr. Tony Orji is the founder and owner of Success Tonics Blog. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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