Top Reasons To Use Airplane Mode Even When You’re Not Flying

Many travellers think that the only time to put their phones and other
devices in airplane mode is only when they are flying. This is actually
wrong. Regardless of the name, airplane mode can have a handful of
advantages for travellers whether used on a plane or not. 

Accordingly, Jumia Travel highlights reasons to use airplane mode even when you are not flying.

Fix network or wireless problems
In some cases, if you don’t get network services on your phone, the next
thing you are likely to do is to restart your device. For phones and
tablets, turning airplane mode on and off is essentially the same thing
since it causes a restart of most networking services without rebooting
your device.
Save data 
Depending on how you’ve got your phone set up, there’s a chance you
might be wasting a lot of data on a prepaid card due to automatic
downloads, app updates, or streaming services. Although you can make a
lot of changes to your settings to prevent high data usage, chances are
when you’re back home you will want to set them all back. Airplane mode
is a quick and efficient solution.
Speed up charging
The more power a device is consuming, the slower it charges because it’s
using power at the same time it’s trying to store it. If your phone
does not support rapid charging, you can speed up charging by activating
airplane mode.
See the world around you
If you want to really see and experience the world around you when
travelling, a way to make this possible is by placing your phone in
airplane mode.
Extend your battery life
One of the single biggest battery drainer on your phone is your
communication network. To locate phone masts, your phone is always
emitting radio waves to see where they are, analyzing signal strength to
determine whether a switch to a closer tower is needed, or as is often
the case when travelling, looking for a network to roam on. So, if you
are running low on battery, you can place your phone on airplane mode so
that you do not run out of battery.

Tony Orji

Dr. Tony Orji is the founder and owner of Success Tonics Blog. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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