How To Overcome Struggles In Life and Become Successful

As a Pastor, I know that a lot of people are not really getting what
they desire in life – enough money, happy marriage, genuine fulfillment,
etc. – after working hard/smart for years and listening to motivational
speakers raise their hopes. It can be frustrating, and this is why some
guys are resorting to fraud and some ladies selling their body just for
money out of desperation.

But there is a better way. I’m very grateful that the Lord called me as a
Prosperity Pastor, as it is affording me the opportunity to deliver
people from Struggles and help them start making Real Progress and
become Rich legitimately.

Did you know? In every generation, no matter how hard everybody works, only about 10% will become Rich and just 1% becomes Very Wealthy.
If your family is not among the rich, it takes EXTRAORDINARY EFFORTS to
achieve success and stay successful, especially because many people in
our country are still suffering from spiritual attacks leading to

How can you become one of the 10% who will become Rich/Wealthy legitimately? You need the Right Prayers.

Also read a short piece on overcoming…

Often in our darkest seasons, we find that the most difficult days we
face can become pivotal times that mark our lives and even our future.
If you’ve lived long enough, you may know what it is to struggle through
deep loss, brokenness, and pain. Most all of us have been there at some
point along the way, and though our personal times of great darkness
may look different, it always offers the greatest potential in our lives
to change us. Because the person that walks out of the storm, out of
the fiery trial, or straight out of the deep, is different than the one
who first walked in.

We’re changed.
We’ve battled.
We’ve struggled.
We’ve wrestled with ourselves, with others, and even with God.

And maybe we even still have some scars.

Often it takes time to fully understand and begin to see how God will
turn it all around for goodness and purpose. Because that dark season so
deeply affected us. But through Christ, we have the assurance and hope
that only He can give, knowing that He will indeed use our dark days for
ultimate blessing in this life. Every single one. We may not see it
yet, but we can fully trust that He will strengthen our faith, deepen
our roots, and build greatness within us when the strong winds blow.

A few things I’ve learned along the way, and still am learning when
difficult days come, are these truths that God gives us, so that we can
rise above the difficult times. He reminds us not to be surprised when
the fiery trials come. Though it may be hard, and our feelings might try
to steer us other directions, we have to determine to keep walking in
light and truth, refusing to listen to the enemy’s lies. It’s crucial to
be anchored deep in Him, so that we can grow stronger through the
storms we face and emerge victorious.

[written by Debbie McDaniel]


Tony Orji

Dr. Tony Orji is the founder and owner of Success Tonics Blog. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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