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4 Acts That Will Help Your Succeed In Business

Resolutions are a hot topic near the end of every year. While many
people don’t keep their resolutions for very long, they are still
potential tools for bettering ourselves. This is especially true if
you’re an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs usually have a lot on their plate. They have to
motivate themselves and achieve success for the sake of many others

Below is a list of possible resolutions that a sincere entrepreneur might want to make:

Take A Second First Look 
If you’re an
entrepreneur, you should be moving at this point. Your business is
probably not stagnant; it is either facing problems or some level of
success. Whatever the situation is, take the New Year as an opportunity
to review just why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. Was it
money? Independence? Passion?

When this is done, see if your
main motivating factor is still in place. Are you achieving what you
hoped to achieve? Make the resolution to either work harder with this
specific aim in mind; or if this isn’t cutting it, change your aim. If
you started out wanting to better lives for orphan children, you may
have lost track along the way. Reset yourself and your goals and have
another go!

Hone New Skills 
It’s never too late to
start learning; your local college would usually have the option of
outsiders taking some business courses. You could even think about
branching out and learning something that would take your business to
new heights. For instance, you can pick up some new knowledge on
negotiating, networking, or marketing. This would keep you updated on
the best ways to manage your market.

What’s more, furthering
your education would also make you a better-rounded person in general
and a more productive entrepreneur. If you don’t want to be tied down
with courses, pick up a few books in the finance, management, and
business section. Plow through them in your spare time and gain immense
insight on how to achieve entrepreneurial success!

Enhance Your Hiring Process 
a bad hiring decision can be very expensive for you and your company.
This year, make a resolution to pour your best efforts into the
filtering and interview process for future employees. Don’t just look at
their resumes; check out their references and actually get to know the
candidates a little. The educational background is all very well, but
don’t get blinded by an Ivy League education. Focus on which person
would be the best fit for the workplace and be ready to work and learn
at the same time.

Get Healthy 
All too often,
entrepreneurs put way too much pressure on themselves. They work long
hours; neglect their family life and shun their friends. Along with all
this, they also neglect to take care of themselves. The result could be a
host of illnesses and diseases that may end up costing them much of
their hard-earned profits.

In order to get more out of yourself,
you first need to take physical care of your body. This includes
getting into a proper exercise routine. You may go for a walk every day,
or make a habit of visiting the gym. Work out at least a half hour and
gradually bring it up.

Once you make it a routine, you would
soon see your stamina increasing and your energy pumping. Additionally,
eliminate junk and processed foods. Meal prepping is the key way for a
business-oriented individual to stay on top of healthy eating.

above list is by no means exhaustive. The resolutions an entrepreneur
should make are also defined by the extent of his business and his
progress so far. However, these general resolutions above are good
enough to get any entrepreneur a decent start in the New Year.

by Teresia Clark


Tony Orji

Dr. Tony Orji is the founder and owner of Success Tonics Blog. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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