Gaddafi is back to life, as Libya slides

Muammar Gaddafi

As Africans and concerned world citizens express rage with the slavery blacks have been subjected to in Libya, late Col. Muammar Gaddafi, assassinated former leader of the North African country, is having a laugh in his grave.
Thursday is his day as more than 350,000 tweets eulogised Gaddafi as Africa’s greatest leader, who needed good life for his people and Africans.
The once prosperous Libya, has since the death of Gaddaffi in 2011, been transformed to a den of criminals nurtured by the West.
The country is now a theatre of war.
The man, Gaddafi, known as the lion of the desert, is today being remembered for providing the best for his people.
He provided free houses, free healthcare, free electricity, interest free loan, $50,000 to newly-wed and mothers received $5,000 for each birth and made the country comfortable for blacks and other Africans.
Today these welfare packages have been replaced by war, hate, destruction, criminality, squalor and slavery and criminalities.
The desert turned green Libya, is today, a dark country in Africa continent and a weapons experimental zone of the west.
Gaddafi is back, and is ruling the world as he received encomiums and praises for his good deeds and respect for people of Africa descend.
LLCOOLJ tweet said: “The slave trade in Libya must be stopped. The West used Military force to help the rebels remove Gaddafi. I believe that gives the West the moral obligation to get this country back on a healthy footing. Remove the slave holders by force and help establish a stable leadership.’’
RT, said also that torture, human trafficking and abuse have become appalling reality of fractured Libya ever since NATO intervention and fall of Gaddafi in 2011.
JAJ @Jajdgenius expressed: “Imagine how Gaddafi spoilt Libyans to the extent that they felt they could do without him, I’m sure Libyans will give anything to go back to 10 years ago but guess what, it’s too late.’’
Under Gaddafi, Libya had the highest life expectancy in Africa. “Now, thanks to Western military intervention, Libya is one of the most dangerous nations in the world. A haven for modern slavery, Garikai Chengu‏ @ChenguGold , tweeted.
The Ghana’s former military ruler, Jerry Rawlings, is bitter over the situation.
Office of JJRawlings‏ @officeofJJR tweeted, “How sad that events should turn out this way and the black man is being subjected to this kind of treatment in Libya of all places. I say so with emphasis because whatever faults Gaddafi had, blacks were treated as equals in Libya than in most Arab countries.’’
Gitz‏ @iGitz_ said: “With the help of their media houses like CNN, they plotted the fall of Gaddafi. They chose to give rebels in Libya the voice to criticize the Gaddafi regime. Remember these rebels included terrorist groups like Al Qaeda but the USA chose that the fall of Gadaffi was a priority.’’
“I can still remember the joy in the western media’s headlines when Colonel Gaddafi was killed. They put his bloody face on their front papers celebrating what they called the “Fall of the Tyrant”. That was there goal, to make sure the world knows that their influence is intact,’’ Gitz said.
Atanas‏ @Atanasi prayed that Muammar Gaddafi soul rest in peace and will remain as the best African President of all time.
Atanas explained that during Gaddafi’s time, there were cases of human trafficking; Libya was peaceful and citizens enjoyed high standards of living.
“His dream was to make Africa 1 united continent. Fuck White Supremacists.’’
Njeri Gitau‏ @njeri5gitau said that @prophetahuva says that He will raise another gaddafi to protect the Libya oil from greedy Americans.
“They have hurt His children. They killed gaddafi to steal from Libya. That’s why America is under curses because of what they are doing in Africa.’’
He told the Americans that they must begin to pack their bags from Libya.
“They killed gaddafi to exploit Libyans of their oil. The issue of Libya oil has angered God. They have stolen the oil that belonged to God’s children in Libya. They must go by all means.’’

Tony Orji

Dr. Tony Orji is the founder and owner of Success Tonics Blog. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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