Success Tonics Today —–Signs Of A Healthy Relationship (Part 3)

 1.  You
feel emotionally and physically secure :
To know someone is there for you no
matter what happens is a big mental security and plays a vital role in strengthening
relationships. Happy couples see each other as trustworthy and feel safe around
each other.
 2.  You focus on what you like about your partner and never miss an opportunity to express your appreciation:
Relationships are the best mirrors
to our feeling and emotions.  People sharing strong bonds tend to focus on
the good qualities of each other rather than pointing at mistakes and shoving
blames. They  cut short on the anger and frustration, over look mistakes
and instead. By focusing on the good qualities and keeping a positive attitude
they tend to build happier and healthier bonds.
3. You
share warmth, togetherness, laughter ‘n’ unending conversations:
Communication plays a big role and
is the back bone of all relationships. Most happy couples are also great
friends and share common interest and outlooks on life. They love to talk ,
spend time and make it a point to be there for each other.
If you miss your partner, rush home
to share that big news or the office gossip and look forward to sharing your
heart out with your partner your relationship is definitely on the right track.
4.You do not see walking out as an option:
 A relationship will
most definitely last if you are truly committed to
making it work at any cost. This requires great strength , maturity and
thoughtfulness especially when things hit rock bottom, imperfections get more
visible and arguments and disappointments become inevitable. 
A perfect relation is not just about
finding the perfect one and feeling happy at all times, it is also about going
through troubled times growing and learning together. about sacrificing that
last pizza slice to see him smile and about all the times you never fail to see
the good in her even in her crankiest of moods.

Here’s a toast to togetherness and a
love that never gives up!

Tony Orji

Dr. Tony Orji is the founder and owner of Success Tonics Blog. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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