What Women Want in a Relationship!


Women can sometimes be difficult to understand in relationships. But I do think that men, over-complicate women. Women most of the time are driven by their emotions, the more you get in touch with your sensitive side the more you would understand that their behaviour is totally normal.
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Be conscious of what you say:
Women are more likely to remember memories that have emotional significance. Be careful what you say to her in the middle of a fight, because she may never forget it. If a woman has a bad day, it will affect her mood, and her interactions.
This is exactly the time when men need to shut up and not tell her to ‘get over it’ or that it’s ‘not a big deal’ because these things stay fresh in her mind. Be understanding, be comforting, and she will feel better.
Use your sensitive side:
A woman’s emotions will influence her actions more than a man’s emotions would for him. As men, society teaches us to keep our feelings hidden, so we don’t acknowledge them as much, and therefore don’t act on them as women do. It has always been seen as a negative for a man to be in touch with his emotions.
For the women: this also means that if you want your man to know how you feel about something, you need to tell him. I know you might want him to figure it out for himself, but he may not be able to read it on his own. Just be straight with him.
Always communicate with her:
Talk to her. Next time the two of you have a disagreement or argument, do not give her the silent treatment. No matter how difficult it may be for you, you must let go of your pride and approach her for a genuine conversation. Ignoring her will only make you appear immature.
If she asks you if something’s wrong, don’t give a shrug and say “nothing.” The most important factor in any relationship is communication. If you refuse to open up, you will only make the woman in your life feel more insecure and uncertain about the relationship, and this will make her behavior seem that much more confusing.
  • What Do Women Want In A Relationship?
Compliment and Appreciate her:
This is probably the most important. Pay attention to your her appearance. Notice if she has gotten a new hair style or her nails done, and compliment her. Show appreciation for the things she does for you.
A lot of women tend to compare themselves to other women too often, usually at their own expense and end up feeling dissatisfied with their appearances as a result. If she’s down about herself , it may help to remind her of how lucky you are to have her.
Tell her how much you adore her every day! Remember that you’re not the only man in this world, there’s a man out there who will love and care for her if you don’t.
Prove that you love her:
What you don’t say usually matters more than what you do say. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Don’t just tell her you love her, show her.
You can really show a woman you love her by being there for her whenever she needs you most. Whether she didn’t get the exam results she was hoping for, or is grieving for a lost loved one, its your job to be there for her and let her know that you are always there to support her no matter what.
It’s fine to be with her during the good times, but the true test of your love is whether you can stick it out during the bad times. Be there for her when she really needs you and she’ll have no doubt about your feelings for her and know she can trust you even when things get a little tough.
Spend time with her:
Take time to be a generous lover. She wants to be your friend as well as your lover. Simply making time to switch off the TV, sit down, and talk with her will show that you care, to say nothing of the fact that you enjoy her company.
Try to think about her interests rather than your own . Figure out what she loves and come up with some creative ideas based on her interests and hobbies, even if they don’t interest you, do it for her and try to have fun. This can help you display your affection in ways you know she’ll appreciate most.
Most women expect their men to be in touch with their own emotions as well. Learn to open up and not keep all your feelings bottled up inside. As you continue to share your feelings with her, you will notice the bond between you growing immensely.
Listen to her:
Listen to what she has to say. You have probably conditioned yourself to look as though you’re listening when, in fact, your mind is somewhere else completely. It’s time to stop and start giving the woman in your life your undivided attention. All you have to do is listen.
Most of the time you don’t even have to give any advice because all she wants is to know that you care. Every time she is speaking to you, make an effort to look her in the eyes. If you don’t understand something she says, tell her instead of playing along.
Be honest:
Be unconditionally honest with her. Telling her the truth is the best way to build a healthy and trusting relationship. If there is a habit or behaviour of hers you dont like, let her know so she could change. Even small lies to spare feelings could become problems later on.
While being honest is very important, remember not to be insensitive. Try to take her feelings into account and express your thoughts in a constructive, and not destructive way.
Be a gentleman:
Try opening doors for her, letting her order first at a restaurant and offering her your jacket if she’s cold. In general, you should try to make her feel both safe and respected.
You should note that being a gentleman does not mean that you should do everything for her all the time or assume that she can’t manage on her own, as she may find this disrespectful.
Even though she’s number one in your eyes, your girlfriend sometimes doubts how much you truly care about her when it comes to other girls. If you have a lot of female friends, putting her at the center of your attention should be your number one priority. Avoid flirting with them or being overly touchy with them while she’s around, as this might make her feel insecure.
Always keep in contact:
Never lose contact with her for an unreasonable length of time. Show her that although you’re apart, she’s on your mind. If you haven’t seen her for a few days, call her to tell her how much she means to you and that you can’t wait to see her again.
Get to know her friends and family. They are an important part of your her life, and you should demonstrate that you respect that. This will let her know that you are serious when it comes to your relationship. Also make an effort to remember important dates or occasions, like her birthday or the anniversary of your first date. Women see these things as very important and you should too.
Take her advice:
Take her advice into consideration. Whether she shares her thoughts on an everyday matter or a life-changing episode, showing her that you value her input will help build a good relationship. If she thinks a beard would look good on you, you could try it. It could add a little spice to your relationship.
Though you should not try to change yourself for another person, you should be willing to change certain unappealing habits. Compromising on certain habits will go a long way in keeping a relationship happy.
  • Conclusion
1. Accept that all women are different. Overgeneralizing can be dangerous. Don’t mistake one woman’s behavior as a universal female characteristic. Just because your sister doesn’t like sports doesn’t mean that your woman doesn’t.
2. Remember how you followed her to class, called her every night, took her out for launch? Don’t give up pursuit just because you’ve finally gotten her. The relationships that will stand the test of time are the one that are founded on the idea of constant pursuit, this way things stay fun and exciting.
3. Women can be possessive sometimes. So don’t be confused if something like this happens or if she gets upset when you talk with your female friend for too long on the phone, it’s a love-thing, you don’t have to understand it .

Tony Orji

Dr. Tony Orji is the founder and owner of Success Tonics Blog. He is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

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