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Friday, 15 March 2019


I have a cousin who would always say "this pesin no get network" anytime she wants to insinuate that somebody does not share her point of view or she has nothing to gain from associating with somebody or the person is not worth her time or the stress.

Look for somebody that has network, my dear!

Some people wouldn't want to do anything meaningful with their lives and wouldn't want you to do same. When you meet such people, my dear, that pesin no get network.

Some people don't have a problem with you doing things that will help you live a fulfilled life but when you'll need their support, the everyday excuse will be "you see eh, this thing you want to do is good o but the thing is..." Or "I would have loved to put my shoulder to the wheel if not for this..." Or "I'll get back to you soonest." Sweetheart, that pesin no get network o.

Some wouldn't help you and wouldn't want you to ask or get help from others. When you meet such people, fly away o!

Flee from people without network! You'll be sorry if you don't because they'll kill whatsoever dream you have and extinguish your passion to be unique.

See eh... I believe that if that person really wants to help and is kind of tied down by circumstances, the person will suggest another possible way for you out of the situation.

If you have this dream and that person you call a friend can't share and/or encourage that dream, please move on to somebody that feels you; that loves and encourages your little efforts to make a meaning out of your life.

However, do not accommodate any form of hatred or resentment towards that person. You need such in the course of your journey to success so don't... Associate with that person but then you should bear in mind that you can't share your aspirations with that person. Again, two wrongs never make a right.

Dearie, don't you know that for every hundred that doesn't believe in you or your dream, a thousand is out there just waiting for you to whisper "I can do this..." Or "I'm good at this...?" In other words, why waste an irreplaceable asset(time) with people that don't know and want to know that our beloved father land, Nigeria, has nothing for us save what we make out of our own selves; why linger with someone without network when you have another whose network never fluctuates(available 24/7 to hear you out)?

Please, go for network-saturated people. Your future is brghtest with them!

How you wan take know pesin wey get network?

When you bring up an idea (meaningful and legal idea o. Yahoo no follow abeg) and that person understands you, encourages you and even make suggestions that are beneficial to that idea of yours, sweetheart, that pesin network strong wella!

That person doesn't have to sponsor the whole plan financially though he/she could do so if he/she is capable but then, the person's words of encouragement is enough support already. Hold that pesin wella because e go hard to get that kind pesin with network wey no dey fluctuate at all.

Now, take this torchlight wey you dey use flash other people face, flash your own face.

Don't be a kill joy!

You should be a network provider! Yes, get network so tey any pesin wey come near you go feel your vibe. In fact, make your network strong so tey people no go fit resist the urge to turn on their Wi-Fi anytime dem dey around you because dey don know say your hotspot na 24/7. I mean that you should possess a resilient spirit that will always put people on their feet to be up and doing anytime they're around you. Let them aspire to be like you as you inspire them!

No dey drain people's network and be complaining of same! I mean let it not be you that another person will accuse of being network-less. Get correct network!

Network providers are problem solvers. They are confidants. They are your go-to kind of person. They make indelible impact in the hearts of mare They have vibes that can make you feel as though you can move mountain Kilimanjaro with your little finger. Yes, that's how much they can do. 

Locate them.
Listen to the nuggets that proceed out out of their mouth.
Practicalize these nuggets.
You'll realize how close than far you are from your dreams.

We'll meet at the top!



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