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Wednesday, 30 January 2019



Nonye had fainted after hearing Chidimma's confession. Some minutes later, she was revived after a bucket of water was poured on her. The two sisters arrived their father's house that afternoon shocked and surprised. Each was buried in her own thoughts as they sat at different positions staring into the open space. Kamsy was sitting at the entrance to her parents room while Nonye stood at the entrance to the room she used to share with her sisters. She would steal glances at her sister and shake her head. Something was eating her up. She knew her sister didn't know what had transpired till this minute.

After a while, she went to sit close to her sister. She gave her sister the little note that was given her by the prison warden. Kamsy stared at her wide-eyed in shock after reading the letter. She could not speak as the tears that ran down her smooth, soft cheeks portrayed her pain. Her whole body shook with grieve like a truck running along potholed roads as she wept. Nonye too soon joined her but she wasn't done yet. She needed to tell her her own guilt, her own regret, her cross that she had carried and would continue to carry till death. She cleared her throat after a while and recounted the whole incidence from how she began to smoke till their father's death. Kamsy never knew her sister was into smoking. She wasn't at home when her father had beaten their stepmother for reporting Nonye because she ran errands for her stepmother all the time.

Nonye also told her of how she had lied against their stepmother and caused her death and that of their unborn sibling. She also narrated how she had gone to tell the truth to her father after two years of the tragedy that befell their family and was told that he was late. She went further to tell her how miserable, broken hearted and useless she had felt after everything and how she decided to go round the village to confess so she can have some peace before she joined their ancestors and then fate reunited them again.

Kamsy did not know if she was to cry or curse her sister or slap her. Several thoughts were going through her mind like the turbulent waves of the sea. She was surprised how all these things had happened right in front of her nose and yet she did not know. Gently, she arose, wore her slippers and left the house. Her sister kept calling after her but she did not look back nor answer. Nonye was feeling sick and tired. The effects of the hard drugs she had been consuming was beginning to affect her health and so she couldn't follow her sister.

Kamsy went straight to the village cemetery where her stepmother and sister were buried. She sat with her knees under her chin and wrapped her hands around her legs. There, she poured out her heart in tears. She poured earth on her head as she sobbed uncontrollably till her eyes were bloodshot. She returned home when it was very dark. She was about to enter the room when she saw her sister's body, lying lifeless on the hard floor. She called her name severally and even shouted in her ears but she was gone. She had died of a broken heart while waiting for her sister to return from God-Knows-Where. Kamsy was too weak to cry as she had exhausted the fountain of her tears in the cemetery. She took a pen and a book by the bedside and wrote:

"Opportunity, they say comes but once
 Act right when you have the chance
 I've missed the chance to be with my   loved ones twice
 All because I made the wrong choice
 And now I shall bear the brunt alone for it's my life, my regret and my cross".


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