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Friday, 3 August 2018

7 Habits Of Successful Real Estate Agents

The aim of every business is to make profit. Nobody goes into a business with the mindset of failing or acquiring loss either on a short or long run. The real estate industry remains one of the fastest growing sectors in the Nigerian economy. It is also important to note that the industry is not a get-rich quick scheme but one which requires lots of hard work, sacrifice, and patience.

For those who are already in the business, they understand that the idea is to put your money to work today and reap the benefits in the future. However, either as a pro or newbie, there are certain habits you must portray as a real estate agent.

Below are 7 habits of successful real estate agents:

Have a Plan 
As the cliche saying goes: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This remains valid because it is the reason most businesses don’t succeed or fail at the long run. Having a plan is one of the key attribute of successful real estate agents. As a real estate agent, before taking any decision as regards your business, ensure you have made adequate plans to avoid failing or unnecessary setbacks. Another importance of having the habit of planning is that it helps you manage time. When you have plans, you know what to do and when to do them. It saves you the stress of trying to buy time or fitting too many things into a tight schedule.
Also, it is a known fact that real estate investment is all about hard work and sacrifices, you must have short term and future plans to always check if you are on track. Having a mapped out plan for everything you do helps you set SMART (specific, measurable, accurate, realistic and time;bound) goals.

Be A Good Communicator 
Another habit to help you become a successful real estate agent is being a good communicator. As a real estate agent, you are probably going to do lots of talking and listening. It is only when you are a good communicator that you can efficiently communicate with your clients. This also helps you to convert your leads to clients, and whether they remain clients or not. It is not just about pitching your ideas to them, it also entails listening to the needs of your clients.

People actually know when other people care about them or not. When a prospective client sees you care, he actually trusts you and doesn’t feel you are just after the money. The communication between both parties shouldn’t be because of business alone. For instance, after transacting with a client, you can do follow ups to keep the relationship going. This way they can still patronize you or even refer you.

Embrace Technology 
If you say the world is a global village, you are right. If you also say it is a global street, you are also right. In today’s click and share world, you can’t afford to not enhance your business with all the necessary digital tools. You are not old school or in the 90s, in a modern era, you are expected to keep tabs and make efficient use of technological tools. You can’t afford to keep doing business the old way. is an example of real estate company that has embraced technology. There are many things you can do today. We have gone passed the age of talking to your customers but talking with your customers. Therefore, the need to be in conversation with your customers is key. In order to create and sustain these conversations, there must be content. You can make YouTube videos, have active social media accounts, make use of necessary tools needed for your business.

Be Informed 
As a real estate agent, you must be informed about everything in and around your neighbourhood. It is not just knowing the name of streets, you should have a broad knowledge of everything. From the locations of hospital, best restaurants, best schools around, the kind of people who live in the area, the go to place for relaxation, place to shop etc. It is not uncommon have clients who want to know these things before buying or renting a property. It is paramount that you have these information before they ask.

Also, as a real estate agent, you should understand how the local housing market and pricing strategy work. Knowing all these doesn’t just help you prepare for your clients but can also help you carve a niche for yourself in the local real estate market. When you are also informed as an agent, it helps you keep focus. It will help you be savvy with ready properties for sale in Lagos.

Be Reliable 
To be a successful real estate agent, you need to be reliable. This is another habit of every successful real estate agent. As an agent, you want your clients to be able to vouch for you. But before this, there would have been some level of trust between both parties. Being reliable makes it easy to close clients that other clients have referred you too. 

Be Patient 
As earlier mentioned in the article, the real estate industry is not a get-rich quick scheme. Therefore, it is important that as a real estate agent you are patient enough. As an agent, you will struggle, you will make mistakes and also fail. The successful agents are the ones who take these experiences and turn them into lessons to improve their skills.

Be ready to sacrifice 
Success is never a stroll in a park. To achieve any meaningful success, you must have sacrificed to get it. Therefore, it boils down to how bad you want financial freedom. There will be times you need to forgo personal interest for the business like vacations and use the money toward a down payment instead. If you must have it at the back if your mind.

With enough hard work and having the above habits, you should be ready to become a successful real estate agent.


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