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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Campus Life------ 5 benefits of group assignment every student should know

There are many benefits in group assignments, here are five of them.

5 benefits of group assignment every student should know These are some of the benefits in group assignments

Group assignment is the most common academic task undergraduates can't avoid. In fact, you can't go through a semester without having at least one group work.

In many Nigerian universities, you can have two to three group assignments in one week. Ask a Nigerian undergraduate.
Many students might not like the idea of having a group work in which all members get the same grades irrespective of their contributions. But if you look at it, there are actually some benefits in group assignments. Let's check it.

1. It boosts your grade5 benefits of group assignment every student should know 


Unlike individual assignments, group assignment offers you the opportunity to boost your grade, especially when every member of your group works for the group.
If two heads are better than one, what would you say of four good heads coming together to complete a task?

2. You learn more than just course content


When your lecturer gives you a group assignment, the purpose is not just to help you understand the course content.
Group assignment is a teamwork, and with it, you can learn and develop leadership skills and team spirit. These are valuable skills you'll need in your place of work and they aren’t really directly taught in universities or polytechnics.

3. It prepares you for the workforce


Group assignment can suck especially if you have lazy students as members. Sometimes you just want to ignore the lazy members and do the assignment yourself.  Doing that could defeat one of the reasons lecturers bring you together with others for the task.
Whether you like it or not, your working life will be full of group work, team projects, desk meetings and so on. Group assignment exposes you helps you get used to situations like this early.

4. You meet people

Group assignments make it easier to meet new students 

It can be very tricky to make friends on campus, In fact, it always takes a conscious effort for new students to make new friends. However, with group assignments, it is much easier as you get to know many students on a personal level.

5. It plays to everyone’s strengths and interests

Every student has different skills and talents. Most times, groups assignment require students to write a report and make a presentation on their assignment.
Since it is a group work, the assignment can be broken into smaller tasks. For instance, students that are good at fact-finding can contribute by gathering materials for the assignment, while the fine writers among them write the reports and the smooth talkers in the group can present the assignment. Everyone should be able to offer a service for the best of the group.


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