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Saturday, 16 June 2018

NewPDP Leaders To Shock APC, Presidency

Just about a week to the national elective convention of the riling All Progressives Congress (APC), chieftains of the NewPDP bloc within the party are now putting finishing touches on their next course of action.

Sources in Abuja and Ilorin revealed that leaders of the power bloc held discussions as to what next to do in a series of meetings in Saudi Arabia.

Some chieftains of the nPDP including the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki and the National Chairman, Kawu Baraje, were in Saudi Arabia for the Muslim pilgrimage.

One of the sources, who pleaded anonymity, told Punch that the party leaders and members would meet within “the next few days” to take a stand.

Another source said “Many of our leaders were in Saudi Arabia for the lesser hajj and as you would expect, they met and we expect that within the next few days we will meet on a larger scale to agree on a position.”

Asked if the nPDP still have time considering the fact that the APC convention is a week away, he said, “In politics, as in war, you don’t use all of your ammunition in a single battle.

“If not that some leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party are resisting the advice to change name, our relationship would have since been consummated.

“We also have to give room for the possibility of another round of discussions with the Vice President and the APC, why we called the meeting off is already public knowledge.

“When we see a sign of good faith we will resume, in politics 24 hours is a long time, things can change in an instant.”

In response to a question whether members were plotting to stage a walkout at the APC national convention like they did from the PDP in 2014, he explained that the condition today was different from what obtained in 2014.

He said, “As it is today, some of us have already been shut out of the party, we didn’t take part in the congresses in our states. In any battle, your ability to spring surprises will determine how far you can go. Just wait and see.”


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