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Sunday, 3 June 2018


Have you ever taken steps, only to wonder if any progress was made?
Or maybe mistakes upon mistakes tagged themselves beside you,
That you’ve knocked yourself, beaten and then condemned yourself because of that feeling of not doing enough.

You imagine how you would make it in life; 
how you would become like those you admire; when you would get to ‘join’ those you see as your mates in the ‘sky’ flying rather than walking on bare earth.

Yea! I have also harbored such thoughts, with great desires burning in my heart yet seeing NOTHING in return. Oh! I even created a self prison, entered(surely I did) smiles, locked the door and threw away the key.

What kept ringing was that I won’t amount to anything regardless of what I do. That I had no capabilities. That my total being was useless and unlike the other person, I’m INSIGNIFICANT in every way.

Guess what kept me in that ‘prison’; still waiting to see if you would figure it out… Have you???

Certainly, it was FEAR, and oh! MISTAKES, PAST and more importantly not seeing my desired outcome whenever I take those steps.

Until I learnt, though it actually took a while that what was more important was PROGRESS not PERFECTION.
Progress of taking a step regardless of whether I fall as I take the next step because that is what REALLY matters.
That it is a PROCESS and PROGRESS is far more important…

- Emmanuel Aginam


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