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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Success Tonics Today: Leadership: In whose interest? (Part 1)

Nehemiah:5:19: Think upon me, my God, for good, according to all that I have done for this people.

The world is full of leaders. At all levels of life there are people steering the ship of events. From the family setting to different global fora, there are leaders and purported leaders every where. Some are elected, while others are nominated or even self-appointed. The question is not about the number now or the position but about the motive behind what we do as leaders. In whose interest are we doing what we are doing as leaders? Nehemiah was bold to ask for God's remembrance and His blessings because his leadership was about THE PEOPLE and not about his own selfish interest or ambitions. Can you be bold to tell God to bless you as a leader because what you are currently doing is more about the people and less of yourself or is it vice versa? The current trend where leaders accumulate ill-gotten wealth for themselves and for their children and leave THE PEOPLE in abject poverty leaves much to be desired. Our institutions, churches, communities and the entire nation are in dire need of leaders who are pro-people. Leaders who will place the interest of the people first before theirs. There is a mandate God has placed upon every leader. It is a mandate to care for the people, love the people, serve the people, govern the people well and help the people to fulfill their purpose in life. As a leader there is need for self-examination. Before you pray for God's blessings can you answer this question; In whose interest is your leadership? Bow your head and pray this prayer "Oh God may I never be a disappointment to your kingdom and to my generation as a Leader!"
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