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Friday, 9 March 2018

Nigerian Man Protests Bitterly After He Was Allegedly Refused Holy Communion Because Of His Beard

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to express his displeasure after allegedly being denied the Holy Communion because of his beard.

According to the young man identified as Chuka Amadiume, this happened recently at an Anglican church despite his insistence.

Read what he posted below:

"Two days ago, I went for Holy Communion at an Anglican church in Nigeria.I received a shocker!

"The Venerable aka the Pastor aka the Archdeacon told me i would not be given the "bread & wine" because i had a beard!I insisted and was given, i left really heartbroken!

"Did a little research and came up with these findings proving that most of the great Christians in the Bible had beards;

"1) Leveticus 19 vs 27

"2) Psalm 133

"3) 2nd Samuel 10 vs 5

"4) 1st Samuel 21 vs 13

"5) Ezekiel 5 vs 1

"6) Ezra 9 vs 3

"7) Isaiah 50 vs 6

"My question is:
"a) Did "Jesus Christ" have a beard?

"b) Was it ever written in the bible that i will not make heaven if i have a beard?

"Day 12 of the #30DS / #truth / #christian / #religion / #anglican"


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