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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Man picks boy crying after he was sent out of school... takes over his education

As shared by the man Arinze Okolobu himself:

"It is Good to be Good. As a Passerby this morning along Capital City Secondary School road, Awka while driving to work, I saw a little boy crying profusely while his Mother walks helplessly along with him, I had to slow down and asked what the problem is?

The mother answered that her son was driven away from school due to tuition and was not allowed to sit for exam this morning.

Behold, I was moved to tears and drove them in my car to the School where I managed to sort out the issue of payment and at the same time was inspired to cater for the Boy's academics till he enters University.

The School authority were astonished by such gesture of a passerby. Such inspirations of doing good to people is normal to my lifestyle, these are one of the qualities I inculcated from Ohamadike.

The picture (above) is that of me and the boy with the mother.

Really it is Good doing Good." To God be the glory!



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